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Touch is a sport for all, and we at Bristol Jets are committed to creating a welcoming environment for everyone who wishes to experience and participate in the sport we love. Touch can be played by anyone, anywhere, and the diversity of our members enriches both the club and the sport. We want to make this experience accessible for the greatest number and range of people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, characteristics, or beliefs.

The England Touch Association has a thorough ‘Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse Policy’ which offers a framework for participation and aims to ensure that all people have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in Touch in England at all levels, as well as being treated fairly, equally and with respect.


If you are considering playing Touch, please know that individuals are welcome to participate in the Touch category that they feel most closely aligns with their chosen gender identity or that they feel most comfortable. This applies to the categories of ‘Mens’, ‘Womens’ and ‘Mixed’


The ‘Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse Policy’ can be found here:


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